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What the…?! Double Headed 50s Housewife Illusion Costume

The moment I saw a mannequin head for 4 dollars at a thrift store, I came up with this double-headed 50s housewife illusion costume. I adore Halloween, almost to a fault….nah! No such thing! 

I came up with this costume when I found an old mannequin head in a thrift store for 4 dollars! I just thought WOW! This is a gift from the Halloween gods! I have to figure out how to use this for Halloween!

I love to bake up creepy delights, and I love all things vintage, so that was where my “head” was at when, the thunderbolt hit, “What if I was a two headed 1950s housewife with a pie monster!???” I just loved the idea, so I set out to make this illusion costume a reality.

First I sanded and painted the head to look as much like myslef as possible, this was challenging because although I do paint, I’m not a painter, so there was a lot of looking in the mirror and, and a lot of realizing I’m getting old, age spots fine lines, I threw them all on there! I added fake lashes and a wig and styled “Our” hair in the same way. I also pinned our hair together to keep her from bobbing, she’s a narcoleptic. 

When figuring out how to attach her to me, I realized that nylons were the best way, not only are they nude in color, but the leg holes were perfect for our heads! I covered the holes with matching pearls at the neckline (made by painting an old necklace white)

The dress itself, is a thrift store top, and the skirt was handmade out of an old bed sheet. the apron is actually the skirt of my 3 year old daughter’s old dress. Upcycle baby!

The prop was made by cutting a hole in the bottom of a pie tin, as well as a serving tray. I then glued them together, and created the pie top with red and brown felt. I made the monster using an old sock, a dollar store mask, lots of hot glue, and red paint. I wanted it to be like a vengeful cherry filling monster! I added white foam topping and a cherry to seal the deal. Details are my favorite! “Cherry Pie A-La-Monster” anyone?

This illusion costume was a huge hit! And I had such a blast creating it, although getting her to cooperate was at times a challenge, putting on my shoes was comical, she kept smacking me in the face. I also terrified my husband when he came home and I was wearing this, putting on my (our makeup) 

I got quite a few looks driving to my Halloween party as well! Stopped at stop lights I could see people freaking out! But hey, I got to use the carpool lane ;)

This illusion costume was a labor of love, and two heads are always better than one! Happy Halloween!

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