This was probably the simplest and cheapest costume I have ever done. All you need is a black sheet (Wal-Mart $10), a shallow plastic tote (Wal-Mart $7), a baby blanket, beanie, and a doll (Value Village $13). I also used some BBQ skewers that I will explain in a sec.

Start by cutting a hole in the tote large enough for your head. From there I used double sided tape and wrapped the black sheet around the edge of the tote followed staples on the top side. After that I placed the baby blanket on the inside of the tote and wrapped it over the top of the black sheet. I drilled 2 more holes in the tote and ran a zip tie to hold the doll in place. Now for the BBQ skewers I drilled 2 more holes in the tote and ran them into the dolls arms at the elbows and was able to move the doll’s arms. I also had set up a plumbing system underneath the tote with a tube running up thru the tote that would feed me with helium but I discovered that it didn’t change my voice so I left it out.  The last touch was adding a smoke to one hand a a booze bottle to the other.

The reactions was great.  Everybody couldn’t take their eyes off me and the best part was when I made the arms move. Over the course of the night (and a few drinks) I had figured out quite a few dance moves and had the baby doing the shake and the sprinkler. I won first place at the party I was at and had the baby fist bumping every one. The hardest part of this costume is now I have to figure out how to top it.