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Funny Baby Carlos Halloween Costume

So I’ve seen plenty of people go as Alan with Carlos from the Hangover, but never seen anyone go as Carlos. So I decided to try it out. This costume was a real chick magnet and got a lot of attention. It is very creative and eye catching while not being expensive to make. In total cost me about 50$. The hardest part of this costume was making it look like you are the baby. So the shoulder pads and oversized head are pretty necessary.


  • Toy baby doll
  • Baby front mounted harness
  • Baby onesie
  • Baby t-shirt
  • Grey t-shirt
  • White or tan pants
  • Oversized Alan head printed
  • Cardboard
  • Wood or plastic tube/stick
  • Sun glasses
  • Shoulder pads or travel pillow
  • White beanie


  • Cut a hole in the back of the onesie.
  • Take the head of the doll, and depending on the size of the doll you may need to remove some of the back to.
  • Place the doll in the onesie and then in the harness. Make sure the doll will not interfere with your head.
  • Glue the oversized Alan head to some cardboard to give it some rigidity.
  • Now tape or glue the cardboard head to your stick. Should look like a picketing sign when you are done this step.
  • Put the shoulder pads/travel pillow on your bare shoulders. This will help in the illusion that your head is the babies head.
  • Put on the pants and t-shirt. You may need some help getting the t-shirt on.
  • Now put the harness on like if you were going to carry the baby. Make sure to place your head through the hole you cut in the back.
  • Now put the baby t-shirt on over your head, tuck the doll arms into the arms of the t-shirt and tuck the shirt into the harness. This will help with the illusion that you are the baby.
  • Take the “picket sign” and place it down the back of your t-shirt. Placing it between the shoulder pads/travel pillow will help it keeping it up right.
  • Put on the beanie and glasses and you are ready to go.

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