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Coolest Alan Garner Hangover Costume

This Alan Garner Hangover costume is very easy to put together, but having the facial hair and physique is key to really take it to the next level.

  • I made this Hangover costume last year and got everything I needed online.
  • You can find the same t-shirt that Alan Garner wears in the movie for about $20 online.
  • Light khaki pants, a black belt and some beat up white sneakers is stuff most of us have laying around.
  • I would recommend you get a doll and baby carrier individually, as the costume set that is sold online for this costume is really cheap and does not look good.
  • The last thing to complete the look is getting the right sunglasses. These are easy to find online for very cheap prices. I used tape in the back to make sure the sunglasses did not fall from the baby.

NOTE: In the movie, the baby is wearing blue clothes, but I could not find the right size doll with blue clothes.

Coolest Alan Garner Hangover Costume

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