Coolest Homemade Hangover Costume

I wanted to come up with a costume that was easily recognizable, and current… this led me to the most popular movie in a long time, “The Hangover”!

Wanting to be as authentic as possible, I had to do research and find the exact items, because in my opinion that is what makes the costume. Anyone can half-ass it, but then you wouldn’t be on “Coolest Homemade Costumes”… right?

I started with the blu-blocker sunglasses, the baby bjorn, and of course the actual t-shirt that Alan wore in the movie. Top that all off with a choice wig and beard (and some stuffing) and you got yourself the Coolest Homemade Hangover Costume!

Homemade Hangover Costume

Homemade Hangover Costume

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