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Coolest Homemade Alan from the Hangover Costume

I decided to be Alan from the Hangover for Halloween seeing as it is probably the funniest movie of all time (in my opinion), and it wasn’t one of those cheap-looking costumes everyone would buy from the store.

I first started my pursuit of the homemade Alan from the Hangover costume with finding the T-Shirt. This is the ORIGINAL T-Shirt that Alan wore from the Hangover and you can find it at Urban Outfitters ($25). I then purchased a baby carrier from Wal-Mart ($20). After that, I had to try and find a baby that looked like baby Carlos and I bought one from Wal-Mart ($5). I then purchased tiny sunglasses for him from the Dollar Store ($1). I couldn’t find the sunglasses that Alan wore from the movie (BluBlockers), but I did find some great replica glasses ($5).

For my beard, I couldn’t find one that resembled that of Alan’s, so I bought a Jerry-Curl wig from a Halloween store and cut it and shaped it to be like a bear ($15). I then purchased my khaki pants from Goodwill ($6). For the final touch to the costume, I bought a pack of gauze to wrap around my right hand/arm just like Alan had during the movie after he slices his hand to make a toast on top of the hotel in Vegas ($3). I already had the boat shoes for the outfit so that was pretty good.

Overall, the outfit cost $80 and it was WELL worth it because everyone told me I had the best costume, and to this day I’m still hearing how my homemade Alan from the Hangover costume was the best costume that everyone had seen in a long time! I even wore the costume for my Fraternity Composite picture.

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