Double Headed Illusion Costume – Me and Whats Her Name

Double Headed Illusion Costume - Me and Whats Her Name

Thinking back I’ve alway enjoyed being creative, I would make all kinds of gift baskets, Holiday Christmas and Thanksgiving wreaths were a few of my favorites. My children and I would always look forward to Halloween even now with them and their children. I was never keen on buying costumes for them amd they couldn’t … Read more

Creepy Ghosts Illusion Costume

Creepy Ghosts Illusion Costume

I made this for my 7 year old son. It only took 30 minutes to make but was a smash hit wherever he went with this costume. Hoe I made: Roll news papers into a size of a head and wrap it with a plasic bag. ┬áTape a stick pn the head-ball, cover with a … Read more

Cool Siamese Twins Costume

Homemade Siamese Twins Costume

Here is my son as a Siamese twin. He has 2 arms 3 legs and 2 heads, but one body. Home made and looks awesome, very cheap to make! The costume took a couple of days to complete. I picked up two pairs of pants and two button up shirts at the thrift shop. I … Read more