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Realistic Decapitated Bride Costume

This is my costume I home made this year! I wanted something visually stunning that would make people do double takes and wonder how I pulled it off. So the decapitated bride was my choice!

I started making this costume by putting a long sleeve shirt inside of the upper portion of the dress. I stuffed it with stuffing so I had the form of the upper body, I then removed it and started to duct tape the form. After duct taping it I paper mached the body with a flour and water mixture. After it completely dried I painted it white. I used a paper bowl upside to make the neck form. I then used hot glue on top of the neck to make it appear like guts were coming out. I dumped fake blood on it and allowed that to dry.

I ended up cutting the arms off and using white opera gloves for the arms, I stuffed them and used pipe cleaners for the fingers to give them flexibility. I hold glued them to the upper part of the arms. I used four dowel rods duct taped like crazy to the outer side of the torso. I inserted green foam blocks into the backpack for the doll rods to stick into for extra support. I then dressed the torso put into the dress and cut a hole for my head to stick out of. I wore a white scarf around my neck so the lace wasn’t so itchy all night. The dress was quite short in the front so I found a satin material skirt at the thrift store and it matched with my dress perfect so I used that to make the illusion of the dress being the correct length for me. I had my boyfriend wear a suit and carry a bloody toy axe to be my groom that chopped off my head!!

This costume was time consuming but worth every minute!! It was a HUGE success, I came in first place in a costume contest and won $200.00! I had to take it on and off to travel in a vehicle so that was a little bit annoying and going to the bathroom proved to be quite difficult, otherwise I was very comfortable and danced the night away in it! I had my picture taken so many times by people who loved it!! Mission accomplished!

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