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140+ Mesmerizing Headless Costumes You Can Make for Halloween

Here’s one of the classic optical illusion costumes that’ll blow people away. Check out this collection of homemade optical illusion headless costumes. These impressive DIY costumes are exactly what you need to stand out this Halloween. Cause a splash and freak people out with these hypnotizing homemade costumes.

Be a mad scientist with a cranium in a jar. Serve up your head on a platter. Go for the gore with a bloody zombie bride or a beheaded Marie Antoinette. Blood-stained accessories are not essential but are always welcome on Halloween.

In addition, practice your look of horror and be prepared to pose for a lot of pictures as this is an extremely popular costume.

So, fully commit to your DIY costume by losing your head over it! Discover the design secrets to keep people guessing this Halloween. Find inspiration from these headless costumes and go a-head…

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