Coolest Homemade Garden Gnome Boy Costume

Homemade Garden Gnome Boy Costume

I thought up and created my 20 month old son’s Homemade Garden Gnome Boy Costume this year. I wanted to be creative, but keep it simple and didn’t have money to be spending on an extravagant costume anyway. It is very basic, but with the help of my mom and a friend, we made this … Read more

Coolest Homemade Flower and Bee Costumes

Homemade Flower and Bee Costumes

When my daughter was 3, she wanted to be a flower for Halloween. I tried to come up with something my then 6 month old son could be which would coordinate with her costume. Hence, the bumblebee costume. These Flower and Bee Costumes were pretty easy. They were basically made with felt and sweatsuits. I … Read more

Coolest Parrot Infant Costume

Coolest Parrot Infant Costume 21

This Parrot Infant Costume was amazingly easy! I needed something that wouldn’t be too hot for South Florida. I bought a plain, white, long sleeve onesie and died it red. Then using blue, yellow and red felt, I cut out the wings and tail shapes. The wings are two sided (one blue, 2 yellow and … Read more

Coolest Elephant Costume

Ele[phant Costume

I made this elephant costume with soft grey velour I found at a garage sale. The tusks and toenails are made of white felt. It was a McCall’s pattern. The feet have stuffing in them too.