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Coolest Cupcake Halloween Costume

This costume was made for my 15 month old daughter. I wanted to make a pink and brown cupcake with sprinkles. We started with a pink fleece shirt. We live in a pretty cool climate and I wanted to make sure my little one would be warm. To the bottom we added about six to eight inches of chocolate brown wide wale corduroy for the cupcake “paper.” We made tubes of pink minky dot fabric and sewed them to the top creating a swirl frosting effect. I then glued fabric sprinkles on top. I was worried about not having any real structure, but the fabric tubes really held out for the circle effect.

For the hat, we covered a pink hat loosely with the minky dot fabric, making it look like swirl icing. I glued a plastic cherry we had from a kitchen play food set on top and finished it with more fabric sprinkles. Brown tights and shoes completed the look!

Voila – the sweetest (and only) cupcake in town.

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Cupcake Halloween Costume”

  1. I love this idea. I really would like to make it for my daughter who is 15 months old as well.

    Do you have any closer photos of the costume or can you be more specific about the creation of the costume?
    I Googled to find out what you meant by minky dot fabric and it pretty much looks like the diaper changing pad covers that they sell at Babies R Us. How did you attach that and drape that to the pink fleece? and how did you make the corduroy look like the cupcake paper? it is hard to tell in the photo but did you use pom poms as the sprinkles?
    Any additional help would be very much appreciated


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