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500+ Coolest DIY Web Series and Television Character Costumes

Television and web series get a bad reputation when they are overdone. But taken in the right dosage, they can be the perfect escape from reality. Even better, watch along your family and get some quality bonding thrown in with these cool web series and television character costumes.

When you watch the same characters week after week, you feel like you know them intimately. It can take crafting skill and a trained eye to pick on the nuances of each character. The good thing is once you’ve gotten the outside perfect, the personality comes along with it.

There may be a television or web series that you can’t even imagine would translate into an effective costume. One of the most brilliant ones here is the Seinfeld group. Genius in it’s simplicity and instantly recognizable, this is one idea to keep in your back pocket when you’re stuck for a costume idea.

So as you go to relax with a show at the end of the day (or beginning, we don’t judge), try and walk in the steps of your favorite television and web series character. Then share your homemade costume creations with us here. We can’t wait to see them!

Latest Web Series and Television Character Costumes

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Featured Web Series and Television Character Costumes

Homemade Rod Serling Twilight Zone Halloween Costume

Homemade Rod Serling Twilight Zone Halloween Costume

I’m a huge Twilight Zone nerd and so this year, after having chopped off all my hair a month prior, I decided it was due time I gave a Halloween nod to the show’s host, Rod Serling. I always make my own costumes, but this year definitely took the cake in terms of how elaborate I ended up getting. The most difficult part was figuring out how to make the costume obvious enough so I wouldn’t be answering the question, “Who are you supposed to be?”, all night, as I feared would happen if I just showed up in a slim grey suit. Read more »

Lucy and Ethel Costumes as the Women from Mars

Lucy and Ethel Costumes as the Women from Mars

We love Lucy, especially the Women from Mars episode when the girls make $500 for a publicity stunt atop the Empire State Building. I knew we could do these costumes if I could find the pointy noses and the retro ray guns — which I found on Amazon after some searching. It was hard finding the smaller turned up noses, as most prosthetics are witches or Cyrano, or trolls. Found the last pixie noses online at a theatrical store. Read more »

Cool DIY Broken Robot Host and Cleaner Westworld Couple Costume

Cool DIY Broken Robot Host and Cleaner Westworld Couple Costume

My boyfriend and created this Westworld couple costume! My boyfriend went as one of the “cleaners” that fixes the robots behind the scenes when they need repairs. I was a “host” robot that got my stomach cut open and my robot wires were sticking out.

The hosts are naked when they are being repaired, so I bought a skin colored body suit and painted on breasts, pubic hair, and other body parts to indicate that I was naked. Read more »

Epic Homemade Evil Queen Costume for a Girl

The Evil Queen Costume

Here’s the story behind my little girl’s Evil Queen costume. Every year she absolutely has to be something beautiful for Halloween. Usually she is a Disney princess and she almost decided on Jasmine. But, this year we have been watching the TV show Once Upon a Time and her absolute favorite character is the Evil Queen, Regina. So… Read more »