Last Minute Costume Idea: The Office’s Dwight Schrute

Last Minute Costume Idea: The Office's Dwight Schrute

My boyfriend and I never really watched the show The Office until it went into sydication, growing tired of watching The Simpsons everynight before bed we started watching The Office. Dwight is so funny and over the top hands down one of the best on TV. Anyhow to create Dwight’s look I had to find … Read more

Coolest Homemade Michael Scott Costume

Homemade Michael Scott Costume

I got the idea of the homemade Michael Scott costume after watching The Office 2005 Halloween Episode. It just took me this long to make it real. I started off by getting a Styrofoam head from Hobby Lobby. I then proceeded to mix up a flour and water mixture and tear up strips of newspaper. … Read more

Coolest Dwight and Angela from The Office Couple Costume

Coolest Dwight and Angela from The Office Couple Costume

This year we had decided to go as Dwight and Angela from the hit TV show The Office. I found clothes to be Angela at my local Goodwill. It wasn’t hard to find stuffy grandma clothes there, lol! And already had the stuffed cat to tote around (since Angela is obsessed with her cats). Dwight’s … Read more