Coolest Homemade Michael Scott Costume

I got the idea of the homemade Michael Scott costume after watching The Office 2005 Halloween Episode. It just took me this long to make it real.

I started off by getting a Styrofoam head from Hobby Lobby. I then proceeded to mix up a flour and water mixture and tear up strips of newspaper. I dipped the strips of newspaper in the flour and water mixture and started building up the paper mache on top of the Styrofoam head. I covered the whole thing and then went through and added texture. I crumbled up big pieces of the paper mache on the top of the head to make it look like he had thick textured hair.

I added poster board to the head to form the shoulders. After I got it pretty sturdy I laid the whole figure over a mixer to dry. Having it dry over a mixer allowed it to form a shoulder like shape. Once I layered the face, hair and shoulders several times with the paper mache it became hard and sturdy and I made sure it would sit on my husband’s shoulder.

I let the whole thing dry for a week and then I started painting. I painted the head to resemble my husband since the Michael Scott head looked like Michael Scott.

I then went to Goodwill and found a boy’s suit and a used adult male tie. I used adhesive glue to secure the suit to the paper mache shoulders and then tied the tie up like my husband would do his.

I then went back to Hobby Lobby and bought huge strips of Velcro which I secured to the under portion of the paper mache head’s shoulders. I also safety pinned Velcro to my husband’s suit so when the head was sitting on my husband’s shoulder the head would stay in place and not wobble around.

The whole homemade Michael Scott costume cost maybe $30.00 dollars and won best costume at our Halloween Party.

Homemade Michael Scott Costume

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  1. Sweet! I made one a few years back using nothing but crumpled up newspaper (yes, for the ENTIRE head!). Needless to say, it was foolishly heavy. I used a belt duct-taped to the underside to strap it across my body. Gonna have to remake it for 2012. Thanks!

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