My boyfriend and I never really watched the show The Office until it went into sydication, growing tired of watching The Simpsons everynight before bed we started watching The Office. Dwight is so funny and over the top hands down one of the best on TV.

Anyhow to create Dwight’s look I had to find the mustard shirt first. Which was difficult, I was about to give up and dye one but then found one at the thrift store. The arms were too short for him which was fine because I needed to make it short sleeved. I found the suit also at goodwill and just hemmed and tucked to make it a nice fit. My boyfriend grew out his hair so that he could have the Dwight “bangs”. my bf’s hair is a little curly so I did what he would allow to style it and use hairspray to keep in in place. I found a funny mug at another thrift store and then had to get some glasses. I looked high and low for them. Finally I found some like reader ones that looked close enough and popped the lenses out. I made a “Dwight” badge and put clear packing tape over it to make it shiny and realistic. For those at the patry that watch the show were hands down laughing. For those who didn’t know the show thought he was maybe Bill Limburger from the movie Office, which is till funny. My bf hates make up and masks so it was an easy going comfy costume For him.