I’m the Weeping Angel. (DON’T Blink! Blink and you’re dead!) My 6 year old son, who is a big Whovian, is the 10th Doctor. I made both costumes. My dress is polyester covered with spray paint (black, gray, and white sprayed in that order) for the stone texture and look. I have nylons on my arms, also spray painted, with fake nails glued on for added detail.

My hair is yarn painted to look like stone. My face is painted with black, grey, and white face paint. My son’s brown pinstripe suit fabric was bought from JoAnn’s as well as the tie fabric. The blue shirt and white Chuck Taylor’s were purchased at Kohls. I made the Tardis candy box with felt, a hot glue gun, and some needle and thread. I also added the light detail, so yes, it actually lights up. I also purchased a Hallmark card with the recordable voice box and added the Tardis sound.