Every year my family decides on a group theme for Halloween. My husband and I always try to stick with a couple theme as our costumes. When we decided to be the Muppets there was only one couple we could imagine being- Beaker and Bunsen. I went to work on our heads because the rest of our costume was easy. We wore lab coats over top of our regular clothes. For Beaker’s head, I bought a sheet of hard plastic and wrapped it in a cylinder. I glued a tossle cap inside so that is could stay positioned where I wanted it on my head.

I used pipe cleaners to tie it together in the back. I cut open a mouth area where my eyes would be so I could see out. I covered the whole head with pink felt and cut open an area for the mouth. I stuffed some cotton between the felt and the plastic to make the mouth stick open. I hot glued two Styrofoam balls on for eyes and put black felt dots in the middle of them. For the nose, I used a paper towel roll and covered it in orange felt. The hair was some red feather like material I found at the local craft store. It was like a feather boa which I wrapped in a circle and hot glued to a piece of the plastic and fit inside the top of the cylinder head.

Bunsen’s head was a little more in depth. My husband paper mached our kids bouncing ball  (the kind you sit on with a handle on top and bounce around on). We left the handle part open and once the paper mache dried, we carefully popped and deflated the ball. We carefully tried it on him and marked where he would need eye holes. We covered the whole thing in green felt and cut out holes for his eyes. I made ears and a nose out of felt and stuffed them with cotton stuffing to make them stand out. We used black pipe cleaners for the glasses and hot glued everything in place.

The Swedish chef was an easy costume as well. We purchased the apron and the striped shirt at the local Goodwill store. We bought the chef’s hat at the costume store and made the red bow tie out of felt. The mask was just a basic plain Halloween mask that covered the front of a face and had a string to keep it on. I covered it in flesh colored felt. I made a huge nose out of felt and stuffed in to make it stand out. I hot glued it on to the mask. I used hair like material that we bought in the craft store to make the eyebrows and a mustache and glued them on.

We got so many compliments on these costumes and the kids loved that we all dressed up as a theme that everyone knew! There were a few downfalls to these costumes. Dr Bunsen had to spend the whole night smelling paper mache inside his head and it was terribly hot in there! None of the adults could see very well out of their tiny eye holes in the masks! We relied on the kids to lead us around the neighborhood for trick or treating. Everyone in the neighborhood loved these costumes. These are some of my favorite costumes that we have had and they were relatively cheap to make as well!