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Amazing Seven Foot Tall Mighty Megazord Costume

Both of my brothers are cosplayers. They go to conventions all the time. They said I should join them because it is a lot of fun. I began thinking what would I even dress up as. Then I thought about what I liked. I loved watching the Power Rangers when I was younger. I have always wanted to have a real costume of a Power Ranger. But then I got to thinking, why be just a Power Ranger … anyone can be a Power Ranger. That is when I decided if I was going to make a costume it was going to be a “GO BIG OR GO HOME” deal. When I started this project I was not thinking about making it in time for a convention, I wanted it to be ready for Halloween season. So many parties and community get-togethers, it would be perfect to wear to anything Halloween related.

The Megazord is 100% made by me. I dug through my attic to find the toy version of the Megazord from when I was younger so I could see exactly what I needed to do. Once I had something concrete to work off of, I started making the shapes of the feet. Then I moved to the basic structure of the head. This costume is made primarily of cardboard, duct tape, and paper machete. I constructed the chest piece fairly easily, then the bottom box, which is held up by suspenders. The boxes for my feet were difficult. I needed to add height to the costume to make it proportional, so I glued yoga blocks to the bottom of the foot structure to add the extra height I needed.

The leg boxes and arm boxes are simply boxes with holes cut out of them. The sword is made of cardboard surrounding a toy sword, mainly for the use of its handle. The hardest part was working on the head and face. Making the proportions to not look ridiculous took a lot of measuring and re-dos before it came out right. The eyes are sun glass lenses glued to the inside of a face mask and the face mask was glued to the inside of the helmet.

The entire suit was hand painted, then had a glossy coat painted on top of the entire thing. In total it took about 3 months to build from when I started working on the first foot, to when the last coat of gloss was added.

In the middle of my construction, I learned that Jason David Frank (the original green ranger) was going to be nearby. I finished painting the helmet piece and went to meet him. He signed the back of my helmet and I glossed over it so that it would not rub off.

When people see me in my costume they are amazed. It brings back childhood memories for some of when they would sit and watch Power Rangers on TV. I often get confused for the character Voltron, Defender of the Universe, but when that happens I do not mind because they are still impressed that I made the costume entirely by myself. I especially enjoy children’s reactions to my costume. I always let them hold the sword when they take pictures with me. It gives them confidence and brings a smile to their face when they get to attack a big monster with its own sword! I have even had a few kids give me a hug because they had so much fun.

I will never get rid of this costume. I plan on wearing it until it falls apart. Even then I will just repair it and continue to wear it. I am so proud of how well this costume turned out and I was very happy when I finished and could see my vision come to life.

Amazing Seven Foot Tall Mighty Megazord Costume

Amazing Seven Foot Tall Mighty Megazord Costume

Amazing Seven Foot Tall Mighty Megazord Costume

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