Cool DIY Woman’s Power Ranger Costume

My costume was inspired in one of my favorite shows “Power Rangers Mighty Morphin”. It was funny because I made my own costume, and supposedly another girlfriend would be the Pink ranger. Since I don’t like to wear yellow, I decided  to make the blue ranger costume. One day before Halloween my friend told me that she didn´t have time to make her costume, and I got mad! Haha, but at the end it was pretty funny to see the reaction to my costume, everybody loved it and even asked me to make one for them, and most of them asked me why was I the blue ranger instead of pink one? and I answered “were you expecting me to wear pink right? That´s cliché” Haha and they laughed.

I sewed it, it was pretty hard, but I loved the outcome anyway, I painted my boots and put some fabric on them, and made my belt with elastic fabric and the buckle with foam that was my piece of art.

I hope you love my Power Ranger costume as much as I do!!  (:


Cool DIY Woman's Power Ranger Costume

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