To make this Power Rangers costume you’ll need the following:

  • polyester/Lycra spandex long sleeve, high neck leotard
  • thigh high socks ( courtesy sock dreams)
  • fingerless satin gloves
  • black and white fabric
  • fabric adhesive paper
  • tracing paper
  • iron  

Halloween is about the only holiday, besides Mardi Gras in Louisiana, that you can wear extra skimpy clothes without being considered “Loose”. I wanted to be the black power ranger but the regular, all covering bodysuit just wasn’t going to cut it for me. Instead, I decided to be a SEXY power ranger. I looked closely at  pro cos-play photos and at amateur homemade designs and planned my sexy power ranger costume. I’m not a pro sewer so I had to find the easiest/fastest ways to accomplish my goal without needle and thread.

From online stores I purchased the bodysuit in $22 , Satin Gloves ($6-10 eBay), and socks ($6-10). Once my items came in the mail ( purchased domestic so it took 3-5 business days) I was ecstatic! I then went to Joann’s fabric store and purchased 100% polyester fabric in white and black. About a yard of each. I told the sales associate about my lack of seeing skills and she pointed me to some fabric adhesive. LIFE SAVER! You can purchase this iron on, double stick like fabric and use it versus needle and thread.

Once home, I drew and cut out diamond shaped pieces of tracing paper to be my guides for cutting the fabric. I made sure to measure my chest by width and height for each diamond. You should measure for one large diamond and two small ones for the chest. I did the same for the black diamonds to go on the gloves ( three connected diamond shapes).

After the guides were done, I ironed on the adhesive to the fabric (before cutting out the shapes) . I then pinned the guides to the fabric and cut out my shapes. Be sure not to leave the other side of the adhesive plastic on during this project because it makes the fabric easier to cut the shapes out. Finally, it was time to iron the shapes on! I laid the bodysuit on the ironing board and peeled the plastic off the back of my shapes, placing the carefully into position. The fabric adhesive came with directions that you should follow closely. Viola! go go power ranger!

If you want to go the extra mile you can do the belt, but I opted for the mastodon power coin image to make my costume official.

But wait, I didn’t stop there. I also created a power axe. Based on a YouTube video I made a lot of adaptations because it didn’t need to look all of that authentic, but only resemble the original power axe.

It was a major hit that everyone loved! All of my friends are 90s babies so they instantly knew! Of course the guys loved my sexier take on the beloved action characters too!