The Deadilest Catch Costume

Homemade Deadilest Catch Costume

For this “The Deadliest Catch” costume, I used one long cardboard box and one smaller. I cut the hole out to make sure of the fit. Then I started to see what I wanted. I taped the control bridge on and shaped it up to look like a ship. I used plastic separators from them … Read more

Coolest Boat from the Deadliest Catch Costume

Homemade Cornelia Marie from the Deadliest Catch Costume

my son and husband love watching the discovery channel’s show “the deadliest catch” about crab fishing in the Bering sea off the coast of Alaska. They even steam king crab legs and eat them while watching the show! So I came up with the idea of being a boat from the fleet. We looked at … Read more