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Coolest Boat from the Deadliest Catch Costume

my son and husband love watching the discovery channel’s show “the deadliest catch” about crab fishing in the Bering sea off the coast of Alaska. They even steam king crab legs and eat them while watching the show!

So I came up with the idea of being a boat from the fleet. We looked at pictures of the different boats and decided that the “Cornelia Marie” would be the easiest to replicate, plus it is blue (my sons favorite color).

My husband made and shaped the boat out of cardboard and i painted the boat. We used a “little tykes” fishing pole for the crane and decorative metal index card holders as the crab pots filled with plastic, wooden, and ceramic crabs. We also glued pins to the wooden crabs and attached them around his feet and ankles. We bought fishing bobbers to use as buoys and bumpers. we also used a black plastic chain and wooden anchor. Belt strapping with pads criss-crossed like suspenders and held the boat up. I went to goodwill to buy a raincoat so he would look like a fisherman for the finishing touch.

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Boat from the Deadliest Catch Costume”

  1. Now this is awesome. I love this costume!!!! It is seriously the most unique and just plain awesome ( I know, I can’t say it enough) costume ever!

  2. Sweet! Best boat you could have chosen mom and dad!!! What a memory……and most
    Popular show!!!! You guys rock!!! The first grandbaby is the one gonna be lucky to gave y’all !!!


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