Bill and Ben Costume

I was asked by my children’s school to make a Bill and Ben costume for the opening of a garden. I bought two big flower pots and drilled out holes for the arms and a big hole at the bottom. I sprayed the pots red and on the back I wrote their names with a white marker pen.

To make the legs I bought smaller pots and cut the bottoms off. I then made holes in the tops and threaded rope through them until they were all together I tied the rope around the arm holes. I made a harness out of ribbon so that you would not have to take all the weight of the pots with your arms. I bought some material and made it into a drawstring so that it could be pulled around the neck.

I drew dots on the material with the marker pen. I made the scarves with left over material and the hats are just hanging basket inserts which I sewed the storks to which I also made out of leftover material. I was going to add wool to the hats for hair but ran out of time. I put foam inside the arm holes so that it would be soft.

Total Spent: $80

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