Coolest Homemade Bill and Ben Costumes

We wanted just a simple,easy costume so the Bill and Ben costumes was a great choice. The body is obviously just a big garden pot with the bottom cut out for our legs to go through. We made four holes,two on the front, two on the back and threaded and tied some rope to go over our shoulders to hold it up.

We decorated them with just artificial greenery and big flowers. The legs were again, made of smaller pots, but because we couldn’t find them big enough to go around our adult legs and also for more ease of movement,we cut them in half and put one half on the front and one on the back.

They were held up by garden string with knots through holes in the pots. This was tied to a belt around our waist to hold them up. The costume was really light weight and although it doesn’t look it, was actually easy to move around in and comfortable to wear (unless you are drunk and going through the London Underground at peak times!).

We had so many great comments about our outfits and would definitely do it again! Each costume costs no more than £15 to make.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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  1. Plant pots were just plastic one from and garden centre. Doesn’t matter how big as long as you can fit your legs through the bottom and over your waist. x


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