Coolest Homemade Bill and Ben Costumes

Homemade Bill and Ben Costumes

We wanted just a simple,easy costume so the Bill and Ben costumes was a great choice. The body is obviously just a big garden pot with the bottom cut out for our legs to go through. We made four holes,two on the front, two on the back and threaded and tied some rope to go … Read more

Bill and Ben Costume

Bill and Ben Costume

I was asked by my children’s school to make a Bill and Ben costume for the opening of a garden. I bought two big flower pots and drilled out holes for the arms and a big hole at the bottom. I sprayed the pots red and on the back I wrote their names with a … Read more

Bill and Ben Homemade Costume

It was my sisters 13th birthday and she had a costume party. There was no theme really but my friend Laura and I wanted something completely different. We had loads of ideas of like Barbie and Ken Robbers fairies but they were rubbish ideas. So after looking on the internet for ideas we thought of … Read more