The Deadilest Catch Costume

For this “The Deadliest Catch” costume, I used one long cardboard box and one smaller. I cut the hole out to make sure of the fit. Then I started to see what I wanted.

I taped the control bridge on and shaped it up to look like a ship. I used plastic separators from them sorting boxes. For the windows.. 1/2 PVC for the mast. I drilled out the end caps for the lights.

I used Christmas lights and cut them and wired them in using lighted toggle switch and a nine volt battery (the bigger square one).

I added a pair of suspenders. On this one I needed to add a piece of 1×2 under the control tower for support.

A trip to Ac Moore for accessories barrels and buckets from doll house stuff.

All Krylon spray paint is used and the reason I prefer Krylon is that it dries fast and is durable enough for the costumes because usually I have to work on these things at night after the kids go to bed… Yes, many a night till midnight doing them.

It took about one week to complete at night – few hours every night – this one is quick to build. Pretty much every other piece, including the rope, the little black lights and the netting on rear I had laying around. Again a good way to recycle.

And the best part is that the kids will play with these after Halloween for a couple weeks.
And for a total cost of 3 rolls duct tape and 3 cans of spray paint it’s worth it.

If anyone ever needs help or advice you can ask here and I’ll comment back.

The Deadliest Catch Costume

The Deadliest Catch Costume

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  1. Very inventive..I’m impressed always looking for something that none has ever done before to get ideas..
    Need help..plan to make my son Noah, in an ark,(which could be made similar to what you did, but not quite sure how to place him OUT of the middle, house park, without having to position him too far in the front, where the ark would not have enough support…


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