For this Bi Plane Costume I started out using four cardboard boxes and four rolls of Duct tape my favorite…

The first box is the largest of them. I cut a hole in it to place over the pilot’s head to make sure he can get into it from the bottom and that he can walk in it. Then, once complete, I always look at it as if to semi scale a person wearing it. I try to see it before I build it.

My 9 yr old Josh is the pilot. He is getting bigger and you see him in the transformer costume and in the tank costume I have built.

Yes you have to be a bit of a junk collector and have a piece here and a piece there. You just have to envision what it can be used for. Recycling is a fantastic way to make these creations.

I wrap every inch of the cardboard plane in duct tape when I have it complete. I use Krylon primer spray paint. It helps adhere the top coat this year was krylon red and satin black for the engine cowl.

The reason for all the duct tape is that cardboard is funny – a little bit of moisture and it’s done (warps, bends, swells). The duct tape makes it possible to also fill in gaps and spaces. It’s OK if it’s folded over and over it and makes the plane tighter and more solid.

I also used a plastic cup and cardboard tubes for the upper wing support.

This time on my plane I took a remote control truck they had that was smashed but still worked and took it apart. I wanted to use it use the rear axle to put on the engine cowl so that the propeller will spin when he pulls the trigger. He loved it!

Another product I used is glue and epoxy to hold the little rear axle on the cardboard and I used a CD and the rim of the toy truck tire to conceal the motor behind it and a spray paint can as the piece on middle of blade.

A pair of suspenders are used so he doesn’t have to carry it and it rides on his shoulders… And he is free to walk about freely like he is flying…

It started out as the Red Baron, but I decided not to put Iron cross’s on it so I used our neighborhood group symbol…

Thanks to Signs by Raymond in Pt. Pleasant for the decals that are applied.

I also try to use Krylon clear coat to protect it even more. Don’t go crazy, it has a tendency to shrink both tape and paint so go lightly and many coats, but not truly needed…

If you have any questions you can post them here and I’ll comment back.

Airplane Costume

Airplane Costume