Coolest Pilot in a Plane Costume for a Boy

This is my son Jake in his Plane costume!  My husband made this costume for him.  I just did quality control.  Call me the project manager!

He started with a box and cut out the top and bottom.  This will be the cockpit.  He then used chicken wire to construct the shape of the plane.  Then he used paper mache to cover the chicken wire.  Tip: leave a hole in the paper mache to cut some of the chicken wire and pull it through once the paper mache dries.  This will make the costume lighter in weight.  He painted the plane yellow and added the propeller. The propeller was made from card board and painted black.  We then added shoulder straps to the cockpit so our little guy could wear his plane.  To complete his look, I bought a pilot hat and bomber jacket.

This plane has a rotating propeller and wing lights with button in the cockpit to turn them on.  This was the high tech part.  My husband used a small motor for the propeller and a battery pack for both.  These were wired through the chicken wire and attached to the bottom of the plane.

We had a lot of fun making this costume!  The only real obstacle was making this plane light enough for my son to wear.  We hadn’t originally planned to take out chicken wire but once the paper mache had dried we realized that we absolutely had to.  The plane was a success and my son loved pressing the buttons and showing his friends what his plane could do!

This is my son Jake in his Plane!  My husband made this costume for him.  I just did quality control ;-).  Call me the project manager