My three year old daughter Annabella Drummer is obsessed with the Care Bears and really wanted to be one for Halloween. I wanted her to be what she wanted, but I also wanted to make her something special homemade. She has always been infatuated with airplanes and every time she sees one she asks if we can take her on one. Unfortunately, plane tickets are out of our budget so that is when I had this idea. I thought how about I make her a cloud plane to go with her Care Bear costume so that she can pretend she is on one. I knew I would not get away with this any other time of the year riding in the mall in an airplane! Her favorite Care Bear is Cheer Bear so we dressed her up and started working on the plane. My husband helped and we used cardboard boxes, tape, and fiberfill for the outside of it to make it look like a cloud plane from Care A Lot. We cut out the boxes to make the shapes of the airplane parts. We also had her help decorate it and drew rainbows and hearts. Then my husband decided that the best way to make it so that she could get around was to put her tricycle underneath the plane so she could really actually ride it and have control of it. So on Halloween day we took her to the Mall Of America and she rode it all through the mall. She was the happiest I have ever seen her. The best reward was when every person at the Mall either stopped to stare in amazement, ask to take a picture with her, ask to take a picture of her, or compliment the job we did. It was like she was on the red carpet as many pictures as people were taking. Kids were pointing and saying how cool it was and that they wanted one. I had reached my goal of seeing her happy and being able to have her at least pretend to be in a plane. Then when she said to me that she made people happy because she was Cheer Bear, I knew we had succeeded. The only problem now is she does not want to ride her tricycle without the plane atttached to it!