I made this costume for a Jazz age themed party and it got a lot of attention. It’s a combination of an early pin up girl and show girl costume. My wife found the dress online. It looks like a vintage dress from the 1930s and shows some leg and it has the silver sparkle accents I was looking for.

The sliver flight helmet is made of duct tape and thin craft foam for the edges. I tape in some thin aluminum strips in the strap area so it would hold a shape when bent upward. I painted the duct tape with bright silver paint and then a coat of silver glitter paint. The engine head piece is made from foam core for the engine block and propellers, red drinking cups for cylinders and plastic hangers for the feed line pipes. A hot hairdryer was used to soften the plastic hangers for bending the pipes. The propellers and accent pieces are covered with a shiny adhesive backed plastic. I put a ½ wood dowel through the engine block and propeller so it actually can spin. It would be fun to motorize it, but considering the safety on the dance floor, motorized propellers can be dangerous, so I decided not to do it this time. The nose cone is just a cap off an air freshener. Hot glue was used to hold all this together. The whole headpiece is very light, only a few ounces.

The wings and tail piece is also foam core covered the same shiny mirror plastic. I added drawer handles and some nylon strapping to the bi-wings and used 3/8 dowels to separate the bi-wings. The dowels are also painted silver and glittered. The tail sections are held on by strips around the ankle and calve using Velcro fasteners. I printed the air force decals and applied them to both sides of the wings and tail.