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Coolest Homemade Bananas in Pyjamas Costumes

Need a smile today? Check out these adorable homemade Bananas in Pyjamas costumes for your daily dose of happiness.

These smiling, yellow characters from the Australian television show have permanent smiles plastered on their faces. It’s pretty incredible how close to the original these costumes look. Discover the DIY secrets of the awesome costumers here.

One of the greatest parts of this costume is getting to wear your pajamas out of the house. Comfort is so important when going trick or treating!

In addition, the pictures of the costumes are posed so sweetly. Especially the one with B1 and B2 coming down the stairs, just like in the song.

Would you try one of these for your DIY costume this Halloween? We always love to see what our readers create. Please share your homemade costume here. You never know who will be inspired by your homemade costume.