Coolest Bananas in Pajamas DIY Couple Halloween Costume

The background of this Bananas in Pajamas DIY couple Halloween costume idea is actually a funny story. When I was in 9th grade I thought of the idea of being a Banana in Pajama for senior year when we are allowed to dress up for school. I convinced my best friend to do it with me. The idea stuck and finally this year, we are seniors and made theses costumes.

We didn’t know where to start, until I found this website. Banana in pajama costume number 2 inspired us as well as helped us create these costumes. He had great directions that helped us pull this off.

We used his ideas but made them our own… this is how we did it…

We started with poster board and a balloon rolled together to form a banana shape. Using masking tape we taped them together. Then we paper mache’d the poster board using water and flour to give the head more strength. We did about 3 layers of paper mache until we felt it was strong enough.

Our next step was cutting groves in the sides so the mask would sit on our shoulders. Then we figured out where the mouth needed to be so we could see out.

After cutting these out… we used an old stuffed animal’s stuffing and glued it on the outside of the paper mache to give the banana some shape.

Next we bought yellow felt and wrapped it around the whole thing… we used a hair tie at the top to hold it in place, and then hot glued it under the inside.

Black sheer material was then hot glued from the inside over the mouth so we could see out of the masks…

We used a toilet paper roll painted brown to be the stalk at the top (place it over the hair tied felt).

Cut out black felt for the eyes and hot glue them in place.

We then used the bottom of an old white tee shirt to make the collar and use hot glue to get it to stay in place. To make it look like a collar we cut a triangle out in the front and put some extra blue material where the yellow would have shown through. Then we used puff paint to write B1 and B2.

Instead of buying material with blue and white stripes we found long sleeved blue shirts at Meijer ($7) and old scrub pants at goodwill ($3).

We couldn’t find any material that looked like what we needed anyways… so… we taped stripes using masking tape and then painted the blue stripes white. Once you remove the masking tape you are left with blue and white stripes.

We sowed 3 white buttons on the front and wore yellow gloves and slippers.

This Bananas in Pajamas DIY couple Halloween costume took us about 2 weeks to make and was very easy to do. Total cost around $40

Bananas in Pajamas DIY Couple Halloween Costume

Bananas in Pajamas DIY Couple Halloween Costume

Bananas in Pajamas DIY Couple Halloween Costume