Coolese Homemade Lily Munster Costume

Homemade Lily Munster Costume

I always loved the Munster’s as a kid and thought it would be great for Halloween! After researching as many pictures a Homemade Lily Munster Costume I could find (and she actually wore two different costumes during the show), I decided to go shopping for the material – gray material and sheer gray for the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Grandpa Munster Costume

Homemade Grandpa Munster Costume

The Munster’s was a TV series that I watched on the weekends when I was a kid. So, now that I have my husband LOVING Halloween, I thought he would make it perfect in a homemade Grandpa Munster costume. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get started! The costume was a bit of … Read more

Coolest Munsters Group Costume

Homemade Munsters Group Costume

I’m crazy about Halloween and have a huge themed party every year. This year we decided on the Homemade Munsters Group Costume : Herman, Lilli, Eddy and Grandpa. For Herman’s flat head, I used plaster of paris and an old Easter basket and molded them to my husband’s head. Modeling putty and green dye took … Read more