Cool Homemade Sportacus Costume Ideas

Coolest Homemade Sportacus Costume Ideas

Here’s how this Sportacus costume came to life. I was never the typical grandma that you hear about on TV. My kids would always pick on me about it. You would not see me baking cookies on a Saturday afternoon. I decided that I wanted to do something for my grandchildren. Something they would remember … Read more

Sportacus Character Costume

We bought our son a Spiderman costume, because that was what he wanted to be. Well a week later he decided he wanted to be his new favorite Super Hero Sportacus from Lazytown – NICK JR. Well since Lazytown is a new program from this summer, there were no costumes manufactured. We told our son … Read more

Coolest Sportacus and Stephanie from Lazytown Costumes

Homemade Sportacus and Stephanie Costumes

When my daughter was three, she became enthralled with a kids show called Lazytown. The two heroes of the series are Stephanie and Sportacus, and they spend their days trying to motivate the residents of said lazy town to be active, while trying to thwart the lethargy-inducing schemes of Roddy the Rotten. (If you haven’t … Read more