Epic Homemade Evil Queen Costume for a Girl

Here’s the story behind my little girl’s Evil Queen costume. Every year she absolutely has to be something beautiful for Halloween. Usually she is a Disney princess and she almost decided on Jasmine. But, this year we have been watching the TV show Once Upon a Time and her absolute favorite character is the Evil Queen, Regina. So, obviously, this was a no brainer for us on what she could be for Halloween and still be able to give her the beautiful ball gown look that she loves.

For the Evil Queen costume, we layered three different materials: satin, a damask taffeta and velvet to make the dress. For the main skirt I used satin. As an overlay over the satin, I used the taffeta. Finally, I used velvet for the puff part of the sleeves.

We used lace for the arms and that gave it an elegant look. Then, we tore up an old prom dress for the under skirt and added string to the top to tie it up like a dress. This was in order to make it a full slip and to be sure this would be extra pouffy. Thank goodness she loves to play dress up with all the fittings she had!

We used craft feathers, lots and lots of craft feathers. We attached them to a stiff foam which was covered with the taffeta to make her neck piece stand up. The feathers were hot glued onto a crown to make the head piece. To top off the Evil Queen costume, I dressed as snow white and her dad was of course prince charming! It was perfect.

Everyone thought she looked gorgeous and kept bowing at her and calling her your majesty when she would go to a door to trick or treat. She had pictures taken of her and she loved every minute of being a queen.

She was VERY happy!

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