Coolest DIY Old Gregg Costume From The Mighty Boosh

old gregg costume

Hi there. I’m Old Gregg, pleased to meet ya! Do you love me? Could you learn to love me? Crack open a fresh bottle of Baileys and let me tell you the tale of my Old Gregg costume… (All professional pictures were from a photo shoot with my good friend Brooke Ewing from Dirt Candy … Read more

Coolest Mighty Boosh Costume

Homemade Mighty Boosh Costume

This Mighty Boosh Costume was inspired by the the B.B.C. show “The Mighty Boosh.” When my roommate showed me the sketch entitled “The Crack Fox” I couldn’t stop cracking up. It was the same roommate who suggested I go as the Crack Fox as a joke a couple years later. I was able to get … Read more