Coolest Mighty Boosh Costume

This Mighty Boosh Costume was inspired by the the B.B.C. show “The Mighty Boosh.” When my roommate showed me the sketch entitled “The Crack Fox” I couldn’t stop cracking up. It was the same roommate who suggested I go as the Crack Fox as a joke a couple years later. I was able to get this costume together in a day. It was pretty easy aside from the ears and head. My grandma made the headpiece for me in an afternoon. Grandma’s are wonderful. ( I felt a little guilty not telling her exactly what I was going as…she was content with “Cute Fox”).

I thought the finger syringes would be hard to find but when I asked my local Target pharmacy where I could buy some, they gave me oral medicine dosing ones for free. They had a variety of sizes to fit a variety of fingers. I would also suggest a tennis ball cut in half to serve your friends “a goblet o wine” if you choose this costume. Happy Halloween!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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