Top 10 DIY Mom, Dad and Baby Costume Ideas


With these cool baby costume ideas, your mini-me will be the star of your Halloween theme. Using these ideas, you can make your little ones the sunshine on a cloudy day or serve them up on a bed of spaghetti and meatballs. Or you can plant them in a portable garden pot.  Maybe you’ll fly … Read more

Top 10 Stunning Homemade Peacock Costumes to Inspire Your DIY Costumes


Channel the proud and striking peacock for a show-stopping peacock costumes this Halloween. Strut your stuff in these uniquely homemade costume designs. In addition, if you’re looking to steer away from princess costumes, these regal peacock costumes make a sparkly and fun alternative. So, fluff up your feathers and check out the most awesomely beautiful … Read more

Top 7 Movie Character Costumes Tom Hanks Needs for Halloween

Top 7 Movie Character Costumes Tom Hanks Needs for Halloween

  In this collection of homemade costumes, we’ll be Tom Hank’s bosom buddy and guide him through some of his movie character costumes. Even Tom Hanks knows it’s time to retire the David S. Pumpkins costume. But what’s the nicest guy in Hollywood supposed to wear for a Halloween costume instead? Never Fear. While his list of … Read more

Top 10 Most Creative Halloween Costumes for Women

most creative Halloween costumes for women

These women have pulled off the ultimate, most creative Halloween costumes! Seriously genius ideas that are executed brilliantly. Because of this, you may wish you thought of them yourselves. But, don’t worry, the greatest aspect of creativity is that it is infectious. Simply browsing these awesome get-ups will have your mind racing with imagination in … Read more

Top 11 DIY Mouth-Watering Cake Costume Ideas You Can Make on a Diet

Homemade Cake Costume Ideas to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you love cake decorating and prefer to eat frosting with a spoon, you’ve come to the right place. Take your passion for baking to the next level with these fun and fabulous cake costume ideas. Decorate your costume with luscious buttercream that won’t melt on you. So, bake up your most delicious homemade costume for the … Read more

Top 16 Coolest DIY Costume Makeup Ideas

DIY Costume Makeup Ideas

Take your costume to the next level by adding the right touch of makeup. Perfect when you have time but no extra cash to take your homemade costume from cool to mind-blowing.  Even if you’re not super artistic, you can pull off these costume makeup ideas using the tutorials below. In addition, discover the best brands … Read more

Inspiring Homemade Wheelchair Costumes That Will Give You all the Feels

DIY Wheelchair Costumes

While all homemade costumes are unique, DIY wheelchair costumes have captured a special place in our hearts. Made with so much love, these costumes disguise chairs so that the personality of the costume wearer is on display. Making it easier to connect with someone who just happens to be wearing an awesome costume. So, take … Read more

19 Coolest DIY Modest Halloween Costumes for Women and Girls

modest halloween costumes

Save this list for the best and most comfortable costumes. Take a look at the modest Halloween costumes below. You don’t need to show a lot of skin in order to stand out this year. Let the costume idea steal the show, while you look and feel great! 1. Brightest Crayon Costume in the Box … Read more

10 Epic Homemade Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes

Homemade Game of Thrones Halloween costumes

Dream about Daenerys? Think you know more than Jon Snow? Put your crafting to the test with these Westeros-inspired, homemade Game of Thrones Halloween costumes. No dragon glass necessary. Winter is here, people, so bundle up with the coolest DIY costume this side of the wall. 1. Mother of Dragons Costume Be the first of your … Read more

9 Trendy Homemade Costume Ideas for Halloween 2017

Homemade Costume Ideas for Halloween 2017

2017 has been a year full of fidget spinners and breakups – we’re looking at you Brangelina. The year isn’t over yet, but already it’s inspired many homemade costume ideas for Halloween. So, get a leg up on the hottest Halloween costume trends listed below. 1. Awesome Wonder Woman Costume Let’s get started with the … Read more

Top 11 Coolest DIY Owner and Dog Costumes

owner and dog costumes

“You can love your pet, just don’t LOVE your pet.” Insightful words by Dr. Abby Barnes in the incredibly wise and hilarious film, “The Truth About Cats and Dogs”. In this case, dressing up with your pooch in a couple costume is well inside the safe limits of loving your pet. So, get inspired by … Read more

Top 10 Coolest DIY Girl Halloween Costumes for Under $20

girl Halloween costumes

All of the homemade girl Halloween costumes in this collection were constructed for less than $20. Whether you’re on a tight budget or just refuse to spend a fortune on a costume, these costumes will give you some ideas for awesome homemade costumes. So, please, don’t break the bank, or your child’s trust fund! Instead … Read more

Top 10 Coolest Homemade Couple Costume Ideas for Under $20!

homemade couple costume ideas

These awesome homemade couple costume ideas will catapult you from a pleasant pair to a dynamic duo. Start your DIY costume brainstorming with the select ideas below and then, Click here to view all the Under $20 DIY Couple Costumes on this site.   1. Wall-E and Eve Couple Costumes To make this DIY couple costume, Zuleika used … Read more

Top 10 Creative Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Halloween costume ideas for couples

You don’t need a costume to prove your love to the world. But, if you did, you would need these awesomely creative Halloween costume ideas for couples! Two are better than one in this complication of  top 10 Halloween costume ideas for couples. Take a look and find inspiration to make your own fantastic creation!   … Read more

Top 10 DIY Creative Family Costume Ideas

family costume ideas

These family costume ideas will have you making an unforgettable entrance at any costume party or event throughout the year, but especially at Halloween. It’s both FUN and rewarding to work together as a family, and share the memories of preparing and presenting a creative group effort to the world. So, if you plan to … Read more

Top 10 DIY Halloween Sexy Costumes for under $20

Halloween Sexy Costumes for Under $20

If you are looking to get cheap Halloween Sexy Costumes, don’t fear! Check your closet and find all the materials you need in there! Halloween is the time of the year when you can get away with “less is more”. Enjoy creating your Halloween Sexy Costumes!   1. DIY Sexy Buzz Lightyear Costume This DIY … Read more

Top 10 DIY Infant Toddler Halloween Costumes for Under $20


When dreaming up a costume idea for your little one, you need to make sure they are comfortable, easy to maneuver in, and will keep them warm on a chilly Halloween eve. Here are more Infant Toddler Halloween Costumes:   1. Little Homemade Boo Costume Everyone told Margarita that her daughter looked like Boo. And … Read more

Top 10 Sexy Womens Halloween Costumes for a Couple

sexy womens halloween costumes

Halloween is the best time to get your sexy costumes out and no one can judge you! When its Halloween, less is more is acceptable! Here are some of our great Sexy Womens Halloween Costumes.   1. Coolest Sexy Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes Elizabeth and her best friend don’t buy store costumes, they … Read more

Top 11 DIY Family Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Don’t let a tight budget ruin your fun. These family Halloween costume ideas make it easy to strut your stuff in style with a few dollars and some creative recycling. Who knew a few boxes, tape, and wrapping paper could be turned into an amazing life-sized Tetris game.  Or that a small quantity of fabric, felt … Read more

Top 11 DIY Funny Dog Costumes

funny dog costumes

Your dog wants to go trick or treating for Halloween too! These funny dog costumes will definitely receive more candies, just make sure your pet is comfortable and don’t force it! You want them to enjoy it as much as you do. 1. Coolest Commercial Divas Pet Dog Costumes This awesome dog owner knew she needed … Read more

Top 11 Last-Minute Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups

sexy halloween costume ideas

Girl groups looking for last-minute sexy Halloween costume ideas will find lots of inspiration from this section. Boy groups looking for sexy girl groups will also probably enjoy browsing through this collection.   1. Hot Taco Bell Sauces Girls Group Costume Once they figured out what they’d be, Lindsay and her friends put together this … Read more

Top 12 Prize-Winning Women Halloween Costumes


The women Halloween costumes in this collection all won prizes at local costume contests. They will all serve as great inspiration on your quest for a perfect costume to make and also one that has potential to win a prize at Halloween costume contests you’ll be attending.   1. Awesome Oblina from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters … Read more