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Top 10 Contest-Winning Homemade Character Costumes

If you are looking for some awesome ideas for Homemade Character Costumes, you have come to the right place! From Slimer to Iron Man, we have so many different character costumes you can choose from! Take your pick!

1. Awesome Homemade Slimer Costume from Ghostbusters

homemade character costumes

Rather than take the obvious character options for costumes, Kelly wanted to challenge herself and try to make a Slimer Costume. She also didn’t want to break the bank buying materials to make this costume (since most of the cool homemade character costumes she saw online were hundreds of dollars to make). So, she knew she would have to get creative with materials.


2. Coolest Vlasic Pickle Stork Costume

homemade character costumes

Kristens costume is of the Vlasic Pickle Stork. It was extremely easy and cheap to make, just a little annoying with all the feathers. Most of the items were things that she already had around the house or they were items that she reused from past costumes.


3. Creative Tim Burton’s 9 the Movie Costume

homemade character costumes

This costume was inspired by Tim Burton’s Film “Nine”. There were a lot of workarounds to make this Tim Burtons costume, so measurements should be used as a guide. Also, it was made based on my body measurements. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what process I went thru to create your costume and you can modify it to fit your needs. Props to Benjoseph from Los Angeles, California.


4. Coolest Homemade Character Costumes: Where the Wild Things Are

homemade character costumes

I’ve made many Halloween costumes before, but when I decided this year to make the Where the Wild Things Are costume, I was not really sure what I was getting into. I knew it was going to be larger and more elaborate than anything I had built before. I made this decision a little more than two weeks before Halloween, so it left me very little time. Created by Jessica from Van Nuys, CA, USA.


5. Best Pee-Wee Herman Resemblance Ever! Not a Costume to Say!

homemade character costumes

Pee-Wee Herman was an idea I had for Halloween in 2011. I was trying to think of something not only fun and clever, but also something that I could also pull off resembling. I’m pretty creative and go all out in anything I do, and Halloween is a perfect opportunity! Parker from Wichita, KS won first place at work!


6. Coolest Teen Wolf in Basketball Uniform Costume

homemade character costumes

So each year my Fire Dept holds a charity 80?s party to benefit a different organization. I could think of no better 80s costume than good ol’ Teen Wolf in Basketball Uniform Costume. Very time consuming but well worth it according to Steve from Milwaukee, WI.


7. Awesome Homemade Iron Man Halloween Costume

This is my Iron Man Halloween Costume for Halloween 2011. The Iron man movies being such a big hit, influenced my decision to make this costume. I wanted to make it fairly realistic but still have a cartoony feel to it. Using my two favorite things, cardboard and colored duct tape, I constructed this costume over a period of 3 months. Well done Cody from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


8. Awesome Homemade Geico Money Man Costume

homemade character costumes

After Tammy from Chincoteague Island, Virgina watched the Geico Money Man commercial she knew what this year’s Halloween costume had to be! She started with a long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of old jeans. She bought kids play money from the Dollar store and started hot gluing onto the shirt first.


9. Super-Easy DIY Cousin Itt Costume from the Addams Family

homemade character costumes

This Cousin Itt costume was super easy to make! It was extremely heavy and a very hot costume, but so worth it! I loved walking in and everyone trying to figure out who it was underneath all the “hair.” Created by Brooke from Barlette, IL.


10. Coolest Hand Made Mr. Stay Puft Costume

Made by Rob from UK

I made this Mr. Stay Puft costume for a yearly Queen Fan Club convention fancy dress night back in 2008. The theme was Halloween, so I thought homemade character costumes would be something unlikely for anyone else to do. Props to Rob from the UK.


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