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Top 10 DIY Mom, Dad and Baby Costume Ideas

With these cool baby costume ideas, your mini-me will be the star of your Halloween theme.

Using these ideas, you can make your little ones the sunshine on a cloudy day or serve them up on a bed of spaghetti and meatballs. Or you can plant them in a portable garden pot.  Maybe you’ll fly them around the neighborhood in an airplane made for two. Also, you can throwback to the stone age family with Pebbles and Bam Bam. In addition, you can even give them an alias of “Money Bags” and steal them away.

Most of all, the creativity and cuteness of these baby costume ideas might even tempt you to have another child!

1. Coolest Homemade Lobster Baby and Daddy Chef Costumes

Baby costume ideas submitted by Monique H.

Coolest Homemade Lobster Baby and Daddy Chef Costumes - Baby Costume Ideas
Lobster Baby & Chief

This Lobster costume was very simple to make and got lots of laughs. My husband bought an apron and chef’s hat for added laughs. We dressed up our 4-month old baby boy as a lobster. The base of the costume  is a pair of red pajamas. Most importantly, my husband will carry our baby around  in a big pot it was just the right size to keep him nestled in there safely and comfortably. Also printed out the fresh lobster sign and his weight.

2. Coolest Homemade Cactus Costume

Baby costume ideas submitted by Cyndi T.

Homemade Cactus Costume - Baby Costume Ideas

We had just moved to Mesa, AZ… in honor of the heat and the local flora, we decided our six-month old daughter just had to be a cactus! After scouring the internet and only finding a few very ugly cactus costume ideas – I knew there was a way I could do it and make it so much cuter.

The homemade cactus costume was a complete original design and was sewn from fleece, twine, fake flowers, and pot from the dollar store. The sewing was pretty tricky, so I first made one out of scrap fabric to see how I wanted it to look and once I tweaked it how I liked then I used that as a pattern for the real fabric I wanted to use.

The pot was hard to figure out how to get it placed without restricting my daughter’s movement too much. I finally decided on just hot-gluing the fabric of the costume to the pot which seemed to work the best.

This homemade cactus costume was lots of fun to make and my daughter was extremely patient while wearing it to three different Halloween parties. Mom didn’t want to miss out on the fun and she dressed up as a gardener to go with the theme.

Homemade Cactus Costume - Baby Costume Ideas

3. Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain Family Costume

Baby costume ideas submitted by Gracey W.

Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain Family Costume - Baby Costume Ideas
The final Product

This year was the first Halloween that our son has ever experienced.  He is just barely three months old so I wanted to make sure he was cute and comfortable.  My husband is a Captain in the army and we had an event that was a costume party.

I knew it would be around the little guys bedtime so his costume needed to be extra comfy in order for the night to go well.  I investigated infant costumes but they all seemed to be bulky which made me think the baby would be hot and uncomfortable.  Our little one has brought so much light into our lives. He is like our beacon of sunshine and therefore thought it very appropriate to make our son into the sun!  I then thought about how we could tie this theme into our whole costume.  I came up with “Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Rain”.

Our baby loves to be in his baby Bjorn carrier.  I thought if I could make a sun to attach onto the carrier then he would not have to be in anything other than his carrier which he loves.

Steps to Make the Baby into a Sun

  1. Get a Styrofoam ball and cones from a craft store and cut them in half.  I used a very large kitchen knife, but a hand saw probably would have been easier.
  2. Spray paint the items yellow.
  3. Hot glue the rays onto the ball.  I tried gorilla glue at first.  This did not work well.  I had foaming gorilla glue sticking to everything but the sun.  So I then tried hot glue which worked much better.
  4. Hot glue Velcro onto the back of the sun.
  5. Hot glue the other side of the Velcro to the baby carrier.  The hot glue works great because you can just peal it off later.
  6. In order to tie the baby into the sun I crocheted him a little yellow hat to match the sun.

Making our Costumes

After the baby’s costume was complete I then moved onto our costumes.  I needed to turn us into partly cloudy and then have a chance of rain appear.

  1. Purchased two grey t-shirts and cotton balls.
  2. I pulled apart the cotton balls and hot glued them together to create the clouds.  It worked best if you pulled the cotton balls out from the center since they are rolled pieces of cotton.  It helped to make the clouds as diverse as possible to make the scene more realistic.
  3. Then I connected the cotton ball clouds to our shirts.  This was a little tricky but with the help of some double sided tape and safety pins they all stuck.
  4. I then drew a bunch of rain drops that I cut out and stuck onto our jeans with double sided tape.  This  process actually took hours.  It was pretty tedious to try to stick each rain drop to our pants.  We needed a lot of them to make it look realistic.
  5. The final touch to our outfits were two spray bottles.   We would make it rain by spraying people.

The night of the event came around.  Our costumes were a HUGE hit!  Our baby was able to wear his yellow pajamas so that he was all ready for bed even though he was in costume.  The sun was easy to remove or stick back on so that my husband could sit down or I could nurse the baby if need be.  We had so much fun spraying people and everyone thought it was a hoot.  The best part was going around saying he’s our “sun”.  It was clever and fun.

Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain Family Costume - Baby Costume Ideas
Our “sun”
Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain Family Costume - Baby Costume Ideas
Attached the clouds to my shirt
Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain Family Costume - Baby Costume Ideas
The sun and clouds being formed
Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain Family Costume - Baby Costume Ideas
The Start of Little Man’s Hat
Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain Family Costume - Baby Costume Ideas
All the “ingredients”

4. Cute Mother and Baby Guns N’ Roses Homemade Halloween Costume

Baby costume ideas submitted by Jennifer K.

Cute Mother and Baby Guns N Roses Homemade Halloween Costume - Baby Costume Ideas

As a great fan, I figured it is never too early to have my daughter jump on the Guns N’Roses train, so this year we went as the infamous duo of Axl and Slash! This is me and my seven month old, Molly. As you can see in one photo, Molly is passed out in true Slash fashion.

This costume was put together on a very minimal budget. All items were sourced over time from our local second hand thrift store, and modified with a bit of thread and a needle, or from our local dollar store. It took a bit of research to see what the two had actually worn, and then trying to find similar items, but we were able to pull both costumes off for probably under $20. A few temporary tattoos (for me, not the baby!) and we were all set. Molly played her part wonderfully, even playing a few tunes on the tiny toy guitar I found for her!

Hope you like my cute Mother and Baby Guns N’ Roses homemade Halloween costume.

Cute Mother and Baby Guns N Roses Homemade Halloween Costume - Baby Costume Ideas

5. Coolest Homemade Snuggle Bear in Laundry Basket Baby Costume

Baby costume ideas submitted by Donnalynn D.

Homemade Snuggle Bear in Laundry Basket Baby Costume - Baby Costume Ideas

I made this homemade Snuggle Bear in laundry basket baby costume for my daughter and her 7 month old baby son, Kaden, as she always calls him her “Snuggle Bear”. We picked out soft fabrics for the bear and made sure to have lots of blue around so there’d be no misunderstanding that he was a boy.

The back of the costume was open so he could be quickly “changed” when necessary. It was actually made like a glorified coat- velcroed down the front– with “coattails” in FRONT for legs that had elastic bands to keep them over his legs. The back had a cute little bubblebutt extension that had an adorable little tail on it.

We put him in a laundry basket and added lots of comfy laundry and also Snuggle fabric detergent and dryer sheets. She wore a housewife’s outfit with robe, slippers, and handkerchief on her head and clipped clothes pins all over her. They were the absolute HIT at the Trunk-or-treat we had in our small Virginia town, but I don’t know if it was his costume idea or because he is the cutest baby ever! We had so much fun and this was for sure one of the coolest baby costume ideas we did.

6. Don’t Break The Bank Mom, Dad and Baby Costume Ideas

Baby costume ideas submitted by Cathy B. Coloma

Don't Break The Bank Baby Costume - Baby Costume Ideas
Halloween in Japan

We are a NAVY family recently stationed in Misawa, Japan right before Halloween. When I made this “robbers and bank bag baby costume,” we had yet not recieved our household goods (3 months without our household goods). Japan also did not offer much in costumes and to order anything online and shipped to Japan takes a minimum of 2 weeks.

I went online and got this idea from a costume that is for sale online with a $ sign on the bag. I thought that I could make it easily myself and for much less than the $35 it cost online. It was only appropriate that I attached a ¥ symbol now that we were in Japan…AND since YEN is worth more than DOLLARS at the current exchange rate-this is a much better bag to steal!

Since I had none of my sewing supplies I went to the 100Yen store (similar to the Dollar Stores in the US) and had to buy everything I needed including fabric scissors, needle and thread, fabric glue, black felt, 1 black bandanna and 2 of the same burlap looking fabric scraps (one was not going to be enough for my baby’s 4 month old body). Got all my supplies for about $10! I began by sewing the money bag first. What would have taken me less than 20 minutes on my sewing machine took me all night to do by hand. I first stitched the two scraps together to make 1 big piece. Then I measured my baby to the fabric and cut off the piece I didn’t need (so not to make it too big). I used that piece for her hat (the top of the bank bag).

Making the Baby Costume

I first cross stitched the edges because it was unraveling big time. Then I sewed the money bag just like sewing a pillow case- stitching together only 3 sides leaving some room for baby’s arms to go through (about 6 inches). I then turned the bag inside out so not to reveal the seams. I then cut out the neck line and straps on the front panel only. This way, the straps can be tied in the back of baby’s head making it look like a “halter top.” This was a cute touch I thought as bank bags are typically gathered at the top and tied with a rope.

Then I cut out 2 yen symbols from black felt and glued it to each side of the bag. This way, the yen sign was visible whether we held front facing or back facing. It was cute because when we held her over our shoulder, the yen symbol was on her butt! To make the top of the money bag, I used one of her baby caps/hat as the base because it fit perfectly snug and it was softer than the fabric for her head. I sewed the extra piece of fabric (that I cut off earlier over the baby cap) creating the “top of the bank bag.”

Then I went to the library and used the computer to download yen images and printed color copies. I cut them out and glued the bottom of the money in spaces in between the baby cap and fabric letting the top of the money loose as if yen was “overflowing the money bag.” I dressed my baby in white so not to take any attention away from the costume. To make the robber masks for my husband and I, I cut 2 long strips (diagonally) from the black bandanna and cut out holes for our eyes. Tied them around our head and that was it!

Reactions to the Costume

Topped off our look with black beenies and we were robbers! Our costumes were a hit with all! The Japanese- allowed to bring their children on base that night to Trick O Treat loved it also, talking to me full on Japanese and all I could say was “Arigato!” There are so many favorite things about this costumes from the special touches I made to the joyous reaction I got from people, BUT my most favorite part was actually sewing it by hand!

It’s been a very stressful 3 months moving to Japan – as I did everything alone from packing out our things, medical clearances for my children and dog, dealing with flight cancellations, lodging, baggages and airport security and customs (husband was already in Japan) sewing the costume by hand really helped me relax. And knowing that I was making my daughter’s 1st Halloween costume was so very meaningful to me. I am very proud of this costume on so many levels. Truly an experience I will never ever forget.

7. Coolest Homemade King Kong and the Empire State Building Costume

Baby costume ideas submitted by Jennifer M.

Homemade King Kong and the Empire State Building Costume - Baby Costume Ideas

This is a photo of my husband Todd as the Empire State Building and my son Max as King Kong. My husband dreamed up this idea of a Homemade King Kong and the Empire State Building Costume while we were pregnant with Max. He told everyone how he was going to be the Empire State Building for Halloween and Max would be King Kong.

So, of course, mommy had to make dreams come true! This is my husband’s dream costume. I made the Empire State Building out of cardboard boxes, shoeboxes, a contact cleaning solution box and a toothpaste box that I spray painted with silver paint. I pulled a lot of pictures of the Empire State Building off of Google for reference.

There was also a lot of glue involved. On the very top of the costume is a pencil, just like the antennae on the real Empire State Building, but you can’t see it in this photo. I used black construction paper and black electrical tape for windows on the building and on the shirt. We had fun making this costume and I wish Halloween was more than just one day so we could show it off more!

8. Coolest Homemade Mom and Baby Aviator Costumes

Baby costume ideas submitted by Karen

Homemade Mom and Baby Aviator Costumes - Baby Costume Ideas

My idea to be a team of mother and baby aviators originated from an aviator style winter hat that I bought my 6 month old son a few months ago. I made matching scarves and goggles out of black and white felt and a patch for his shirt that said “Jr Pilot”. I finished off his outfit with fleece camouflage pants with knee patches to give him a military look.

Once I made his outfit I knew he needed a plane so I took a Pampers diaper box and some army green spraypaint and turned it into a B6 Bomber airplane. The propeller was made from a piece of cardboard painted black. I printed military decals from the computer, cut them out and glued them on to the box. My son’s name begins with a “B” so we named the plane “Li’l B”.

The final touch was some layers of foam for my baby to sit in and the final look was complete!
Our Homemade Mom and Baby Aviator Costumes were a huge hit!

Homemade Mom and Baby Aviator Costumes - Baby Costume Ideas
Homemade Mom and Baby Aviator Costumes - Baby Costume Ideas

9. Coolest Homemade Flintstones Family Costume

Baby costume ideas submitted by Tami F.

Homemade Flintstones Family Costume - Baby Costume Ideas

We decided to do a Homemade Flintstones Family Costume this year! I made all of the Flintstones costumes myself and think they are the coolest. It was so much fun as this was the first time I had ever touched a sewing machine.

For Wilma, myself, I bought 2 yards of white fleece from Hancock fabrics. This, in fact, was far too much fabric but I had no clue how much I would need! I traced one of my dresses and just folded down the neck line to create the one-shoulder look. I turned it inside out, pinned it together and sewed the seams. Then I made my necklace out of 1 1/4″ Styrofoam balls and threaded it through stretchy cord. I purchased the red Wilma wig and the funny feet on-line.

Making the Fred Costume

For Fred, my husband, I bought 2 yards of orange fleece. I folded it in half and traced one of my husband’s largest T-shirts on it, adding a little to give it the looser fit. Also, I folded the sleeves in to give it the sleeveless look. I made his tie from a piece of leftover blue fabric from Pebbles’ diaper cover. The black spots were cut from fleece also; I cut them out, fabric-glued them on and let them dry for 24 hours. The bottom of his garment was then cut zig-zag. His ‘feet’ were also purchased on-line.

Making the Pebbles Costume

For Pebbles, my daughter, I bought one yard of green fleece. I folded it in half and traced one of her baby doll shirts on it. Then, I also cut her black spots from the black fleece. I bought a yard of blue fabric for her diaper cover and some elastic for the waist and legs. She wore ballet slippers to give her the barefoot look, but they also protected her feet. For the bone in her hair, I just cut out the bone pattern on white felt, sewed it together and stuffed it. I then hot-glued it to a hair tie. We bought red hair spray for her hair.

Making the Bam-Bam Costume

For Bam-Bam, my son, I used what was left over from Fred’s orange fleece to make a skirt for him. I traced a pair of his shorts, making allowance for seams and an elastic waist. I also cut the black spots for him out of fleece. His club and sash were made out of brown felt and the bone, like Pebbles’, out of white felt.

His hat gave me the most trouble but I eventually figured it out. I cut four triangles out of orange fleece. The front triangle I made larger than the other three. I sewed them all together and then cut out a semi-circle for the brim and cut a piece of card stock inside. Then I pinned the brim to the front triangle and sewed them together. I cut the back out in a semi-circle and added a piece of orange felt with elastic in it to the bottom. This kept it together and made a tighter fit.

Everyone we met while trick or treating loved the baby costume ideas. It was a big hit!

Homemade Flintstones Family Costume - Baby Costume Ideas
Homemade Flintstones Family Costume - Baby Costume Ideas

10. Coolest Spaghetti and Meatballs Baby Costume Ideas

Baby costume ideas submitted by Angela W.

Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs Baby Costume - Baby Costume Ideas

After cleaning one day and looking at my mop head, I had the idea to make my little man into a Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs Baby Costume. He loved noodles and it just seemed like a fun idea to try!

I bought 2 mop heads and cut and sewed them to a onesie. I also took one of his baby caps and sewed bits and pieces of mop onto that too! For an added touch, I made meatballs and hot glued them randomly to the costume. The meatballs are foam balls with yarn wrapped around them.

I had him wear a red longsleeve onsie under the costume to look like sauce, and found a very large bowl to stick him in! He stayed in his bowl so nice. My husband and I dressed up as chefs, and held our cute little creation all night at a party. It was one of the coolest baby costume ideas!

Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs Baby Costume - Baby Costume Ideas
Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs Baby Costume - Baby Costume Ideas

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