If you are looking to stand out on Halloween, what better way than make yourself a Marge Simpson Costume? With her Giant blue hair, popping eyes and yellow skin, you wouldn’t be missed anywhere you go! If you’re going with your family you can all go as the Simpsons family together! D’oh!

1. Sexy Playboy Marge Costume

Sexy Playboy Marge Costume

When Marge posed for Playboy a few years ago, I was thrilled because, going as Marge had a new spin and seemed perfect for the occasion.


2. Coolest DIY Bubbly Hair

Cool Homemade Marge Simpson Costume

Jacky from Round Lake Beach, IL was very creative with her bubble wrap Marge Costume hair!


3. Easy and Fun Marge Simpson Costume

Easy Marge Simpson Costume

Marge is one of Joanna’s nicknames from Philadelphia, PA, so she decided to make a Marge Costume.


4. Jebus! The Greatest Simpsons Costumes

The Greatest Simpsons Costumes Ever

Kristy from Washington and her husband are both huge Simpsons fans, so whats better than creating Simpsons Costumes for them both?!


5. Coolest DIY Simpsons Family Costumes

Coolest DIY Simpsons Family Costumes

Elaine’s son from Philadelphia decided he wanted to be Bart Simpson for halloween, so she created a Family Simpsons Costume.


6. Coolest DIY Simpsons Costumes

Coolest DIY Simpsons Costumes Ever

Check out the Marge Costume in this Simpsons family costume! Tiffany from Elkins, WV did an awesome job with her hair! Looks amazing.


7. Mmmm…Homemade Simpsons Family Costume

Coolest Homemade Simpsons Family Costume

Very original Marge Costume created by Monica from Athens, GA. Look at the eyes coming out of Marges hair! hilarious.


8. Happy Simpson Family Costume

Coolest Marge Simpson Costume

Jeannine from Boston, MA wanted to dress her daughter up as Maggie from the Simpsons, so she decided to make herself a Marge costume as well and they went as the Simpsons family!


9. Our Simpsons Family Costumes

Our Simpsons Family Costumes

Very cute Simpsons Family Costume created by Deanna from Chicago, IL.


10. Don’t Have  a Cow, Man!

Coolest Marge and Bart Simpson Couple Costume

Wow! This Homer Simpson and Marge Costume is just great! What a perfect way to make everyone have a good laugh! Created by Maggie from Windsor, Vermont.


11. Springfield’s Blue Haired Mom

Best Marge Simpson Costume You’ll Find!

Props to Nicole from Houston, Texas for making this awesome Marge Costume on her own!


12. Coolest Marge Costume

Coolest Marge Simpson Costume

Cari from Tinley Park, IL made this cool Marge Costume herself and it turned out great!


13. Homie and Marge Simpson Costume Idea

Coolest Homemade Marge and Homer Simpson Couples Costume

If you are looking for a cool couple costume, check out this awesome Homer and Marge Costume made by Kara S. from Vernon, CT.


14. Coolest Homemade Marge Adult Costume

Coolest Homemade Marge Simpson Adult Costume

Sarah S from Belleville, Michigan made this Marge Costume and it wasnt hard at all!


15. Fun Homemade Marge Halloween Costume

Coolest Homemade Marge Simpson Halloween Costume

Very creative Marge Costume created by Jordan from Clemson, SC, USA.


16. Coolest Homemade Marge Simpson Costume

Coolest Homemade Marge Simpson Costume

As a huge Simpson fan, Sarah from Brooklyn, NY decided to go as Marge for Halloween. She made the costume all by herself!


17. Coolest Simpson Halloween Costume

Coolest Simpson Halloween Costume

Scott from Ottawa, Ontario, Canade created this awesome Homer and Marge Costume and it is just hilarious! Check out those googley eyes!


18. Vibrantly Haired Marge


Take a look at this cool Marge Costume created by Cassie from Texas. Her hair is so bright!


19. “Why You Little…!”

Coolest Simspons Costume

Hilarious Simpsons Family Costume made by Lillian from Chicago, IL. They are all so yellow!


20. Cutest Marge Simpson Costume

Marge Simpson Costume

Kerry Schofield from Devon, England created a Marge Costume for her daughter. Well done Kerry!


21. Picture Perfect Marge Simpson Costume

Coolest Marge Simpson Costume

Cutest Marge Costume created by Michelle L. from Rosewood, SK, Canada.


22. Ehhxcellent Homemade Costume

Coolest Simpsons Couple Costume

This fun and hilarious Marge and Homer Simpson Costume was made by Adam C. From Indianapolis.


23. Coolest Homemade Simpsons Couple Halloween Costume Idea

Coolest Homemade Simpsons Couple Halloween Costume Idea

Really impressive Simpson Costume made by Gina from Saint Albans, VT, USA. Both Homer and Marge look awesome!