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Coolest Homemade Marge Simpson Halloween Costume

My fiance and I were Homer and Marge Simpson. We built up the hair by getting one of those green topiary foam pieces at Micheal’s. Then, we found some purple spider web material that you use to decorate with. We pulled it apart a little and wrapped it around the foam. We sprayed it with blue spray paint, once it was shaped.

I left some of the spider web material loose at the bottom so that I could wrap it around my head and pinned it around my hairline.

The necklace was made from small Christmas ornaments. I stringed them on a ribbon and tied it tight around my neck to look like a big pearl style necklace. I already had a green strapless dress, so I wore that. I found some cheap red shoes and a red purse at Wal-Mart. I wore the fake eyelashes to try and look more cartoon-like. I used yellow body paint but it didn’t appear yellow as I wanted.

My fiance works in the sign business, so he made the Duff beer logo out of vinyl, which produced a very professional looking bottle. It was a very fun costume that won the costume contest at a bar in Clemson.

Overall, this Homemade Marge Simpson Halloween Costume probably cost $30, excluding the dress that I already had.

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