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Coolest DIY Homer and Marge Simpson Halloween Couple Costume

My husband and I dressed up as Homer and Marge Simpson. But, being I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant we decided to reverse the rolls and I would be Homer (since I already had a good “beer gut” going), and he would be Marge.

For Homer, I took a bald cap and painted it yellow. I blew up a balloon to paint it on so it would be stretched out to about the size of my head. Then, I took pipe cleaners and super glued them to the bald cap to make Homer’s two hairs on the top of his head and the zig zag ones around the back. I also drew the duff beer logo and taped it onto an empty beer can for a prop. I found the shirt and pants at a thrift store, and borrowed my husband’s shoes.

For Marge’s hair I took blue poster board, measured it to my husband’s head. I took another piece of poster board and cut out a piece to round the it at the top, and I cut out piece so the back of the hair piece would come down farther. I glued cotton balls over the whole thing and spray painted them blue. For Marge’s necklace, I took Styrofoam balls and painted them red and then strung wire through them. I bought green fabric and my husband’s mother helped sew the dress. We put elastic in the top so it fit him well and stayed up. I dyed white leggings yellow so we wouldn’t have to use face paint on his legs also. We bought cheap shoes from the thrift store and I spray painted them red.

For Homer and Marge’s eyes I took Styrofoam balls and cut them in half. I hallowed out eye holes. I painted the inside black of the hallowed out portion to make it look like the Simpson’s black pupils. Then, I took yellow wire and strung it through the eyes and made them into glasses. We used face paint for our faces and bodies.

We had such fun in our DIY Homer and Marge Simpson Halloween Couple Costume.

Homemade DIY Homer and Marge Simpson Halloween Couple Costume

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