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Coolest Homer and Marge Simpson Couples Halloween Costume

This Homer and Marge Simpson couples Halloween costume is quite a detailed homemade costume, but easy none-the-less!! We used yellow swim caps for both of our heads to cover all of our hair (2 bucks on amazon.com). Yellow paint for our faces and necks. Our eyes were made out of yellow dollar store toy “nerd” glasses, Styrofoam balls, and hot glue.

We started by cutting the balls in half, and poking holes straight through them (this is what you’ll be seeing out of, so make sure they’re centered). We then drew black circles around the tiny holes for ‘pupils’ and hot glued them onto the yellow plastic glasses. This really gave a cartoon-like feel to our popping out eyes  (for Marge’s eyes…I hot glued pieces of pipe-cleaner to look like lashes).

For Marge’s famous blue hair…we glued a cotton sheet onto a poster board, measured it around my head, then stapled it into a cylinder that would stay on my head. After you make sure it fits, spray-paint the entire thing blue!! As far as the rest of the costumes go, long sleeved yellow shirts, a green dress and red necklace for Marge, white polo and jeans for Homer, and that’s about it!! Brown paint around Homer’s mouth was used to make it look like his beard, and last but not least..a Duff-Beer in hand!!

This sounds complicated..but it really was quite simple and didn’t cost us much at all. We had such fun wandering around our town and bar-hopping dressed as Homer and Marge. The only down side, is that the glasses are tough to see through. Such an awesome accomplishment to make your own costume, and we will continue to do so on future Halloweens!

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