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Coolest Simpson Family Costume

When we had our third child last year, I just knew we had to dress up as the Simpson’s for Halloween. Our oldest child Malachy is 8, Maude is 5, and Lulu 1 year. We had the perfect combination of ages and gender to make this costume work. I did a lot of research on this website and learned a lot of helpful tips, that helped transform our Simpson Family Costume into a real head turner. Thank you former Simpson’s for sharing your knowledge!

I highly recommend making this costume, the time and effort you put into it will be well worth the reward. I have never gotten this much attention for any costume. People were taking our picture every where we went, and were all very excited to see America’s favorite family walking down the block.

Here’s how we did it.

I did the following for the whole group:

* I bought cheap stretchy yellow fabric to make long sleeve t-shirts for the whole family, as I knew it would be cold and the bright yellow would add to the realism of the costume. You could also try and buy these shirts (I did), but this color yellow is not easily available.

* We covered our faces in yellow make-up.

* I bought yellow tights for Lisa, and Bart.

I always work with stretch fabric, this leaves some room for error and eliminates the need for zippers and other closures.

Here’s how I constructed each individual costume –

[Maggie Costume:]

* Hair: I constructed a simple beanie hat, made up of two U shaped pieces sewn together. Here’s a link to instructions for that –


For the hair spikes, I bought kitchen sponges, cut them into triangles and sewed them into the beanie seam as well as added another row for better effect. Then to top it off I added the bow. I also put an elastic chin strap on the hat because Lulu does not like to keep her hats on.

* For the night gown I bought a baby blue stretch fabric and made an extra long nightie with room for a few layers of clothes underneath so she would be cozy.

[Lisa Costume:]

* Hair – I constructed her hat in the same way as Maggies, and added one extra row of hair spikes, because the bigger hat seemed to need more spikes to give it the real Simpsons effect.

* I made a red tube dress and we used the yellow long sleeve tee I made. I ended up sewing them together because the dress kept falling down.

* Yellow tights from welovecolors.com

* Red shoes she all ready had.

* Pearl necklace I all ready had.

* Eyes, I bought novelty kid glasses and popped the eyes out. Bought some craft foam that comes in sheets and cut the eyes out. The key is making the pupils a little off kilter so you get a funny cartoony kind of look. You also have to make sure you can see out of the pupils, and then hot glue them onto the eyeglass frame. We used black pipe cleaners for the lashes. She wanted cat eye lashes so I made them in that style, even tho the Simpson lashes are very straight.

[Bart Costume:]

My son originally said he wanted a store bought mask. He was afraid that he would look stupid in our home made costume, so we bought him a mask. It was terrible, way to big and poor visibility. So I made his mask.

* Mask yellow foam sheet made into a cylinder shape and cut into an irregular crown. The eyes were also cut out of foam and glued onto the crown.

* Clothes were ones he already had.

* Yellow tights from welovecolors.com (I had him layer a pair of tights underneath for extra warmth (unfortunately the pattern kind of shows through)

[Marge Costume:]

* Dress – I made the dress out of green stretch velvet from http://www.spandexhouse.com. I sewed a basic tube with an a-line bottom, using another dress I have as a guide. I used the yellow long sleeve shirt that I made underneath for the bright cartoony yellow on my arms and shoulders.

* Hair – I used aluminum window screen material as the frame, as it is lighter than chicken wire, and made a cylinder shape which I hot glued together. I also put a couple layers of duct tape on the edges to seal in all the sharp parts. I wanted to avoid spray painting as much as possible, because we live in the city and don’t have a lot of space for spraying. I found this fabulous glittery blue fabric for the hair and hot glued it onto the frame. Another plus it was only $6.00 a yard. I used the whole yard and wrapped it around twice, because it was a little see through.

* Eyes – For the eyes I followed the same steps as Lisa except I took of the glasses arms and hot glued elastic so that the child size fit my head. I also went with the traditional, straight Simpson style lash.

* Tights – I used mustard tights that I all ready had, but next time I will order the same color tight as Bart and Lisa.

* Necklace – spray painted a pearl necklace that I all ready had.

* Shoes – I have had these red vintage style for shoes for years and they were perfect for the costume.

[Homer Costume:]

* Mask – We cheated here and bought the rubber mask for $35 at the costume shop. If we do this again we will definitely make one. The mask looks great with the drunk on donuts/beer expression, but was very uncomfortable.

* Clothes – Yellow long sleeve tee made by me, white polo and blue hospital pants bought at the salvation army for $8.00. We stuffed the belly with quilting batting and pillow stuffing.

The Simpson Family Costume took about 3 weeks to make, including shopping and gathering materials. I’d love to do it again next year because we had so much fun. And I encourage any family to try this costume. You will have a blast. But “Don’t eat too much candy! You’ll have night mares.”



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