Coolest Simspons Costume

When me and my sister did this Simpson costume one we painted a whole bunch of yellow on my aunt,uncle,and 2 cousins.

With all that yellow they wanted to be the Simpsons. We got my aunt’s ugly green dress she did not care for. For her hair we gathered up a lot of blue weave and clear taped it.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

13 thoughts on “Coolest Simspons Costume”

  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!
    how did you do the eyes?
    I am having a year 6 fancy dress parade and we were gonna go as the Simpson’s. Can you give me any shop where you can get the Liza head thing.

  2. Actually me and my family from UK at 2000 new year. The eyes are made from halved ping pong balls, and Lisa’s head shell is in fact paper-mache. Marges wig was three blue normal clown wigs sewn together and stuffed with newspaper.

    We’ve had so many people claim this is them, we have officially been cat fished.


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