Funny Marge Simpson Costume

The first thing I did for this Marge Simpson costume was make my wig. I took a knee high pair of pantyhose, with the sticky part that is supposed to attach to leg, and shoved as much cotton as I could fit into one of the legs. Then I ran a wire through it for support. I also added an elastic circle to the wire when I realized that the sticky stuff was not enough to keep the wig on my head. Finally, I spray painted my creation blue.

My next step was to hit the thrift stores for two essential items: a yellow turtle neck and a pair of red slippers. I also purchased a pair of yellow knee high stockings, some wooden balls, elastic string, and enough green fabric to create a strapless dress. I drilled holes in the wooden balls and spray painted them red. Then, I strung them on a the elastic string and tied it off at the appropriate length to make a necklace.

On Halloween, I put on all of my different pieces and wrapped the green fabric around my body. A friend of mine pinned it in the back using as many safety pins as she could find, and we pinned a few to the yellow turtleneck, or “my yellow skin” for support. Finally, I covered my face in yellow makeup and the costume was complete.

All of my friends complimented me on my amazing costume, but by the end of the night my neck was killing me from holding that heavy wig up, so I couldn’t wait to get home to take it off. In the end, it looked amazing in pictures, and I am still very proud of the costume that I created.

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