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Coolest Homemade Marge Simpson Adult Costume

On the Monday before Halloween, I decided I was going to make my costume this year. On Tuesday, I decided to be Marge Simpson. Here is how I pulled off the Homemade Marge Simpson Adult Costume!

I bought some lime green fleece from a fabric store for $6.00 and sewed that into a strapless dress, complete with elastic at the top to hold things up. The dress was the easy part.

For the hair, I cut the bill off an old hat, fitted it to my head and then stapled some poster board around it. I put the staples under the “sweat band” in the hat to protect my head. I hot-glued the seam up the side and then flipped it over onto another piece of poster board, using the hot glue gun to “caulk” the seam. Once dried, I cut around it to give me a solid lid. Then I hot-glued on about 250 cotton balls around the sides and piled some on top to make it rounded. The hair took about 3 coats of blue spray paint as the cotton balls really soak up the paint. The finished product was 18″ tall!

All of the supplies for the hair cost a total of $9.00 and it took about 4 hours total.

For the necklace, I strung together red cotton puffs from a craft store. Not only was it soft against my neck but really cheap. Total cost of the necklace was $2.00.

Overall, a relatively quick and easy costume to make for very little. I wore it to work and then to two different parties and it was a hit every time!

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