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Coolest Marge and Bart Simpson Couple Costume

This Marge and Bart Simpson Couple Costume is from 2010 Halloween and its my brother, Grady, as Bart Simpson and me, Maggie, as Marge Simpson. My mom made both the costumes and loves them. My wig was made with blue spray painted cotton balls and cardboard. Both of us wore any yellow thing we had for the bodies.

I wore a cheap blue dress as Marge’s main outfit. Grady’s Bart hair was cardboard cut like a crown. He wore jeans and a big red old T-shirt over a yellow long sleeved shirt. I wore my dress over a long sleeved yellow shirt to. We reused some shoes from the last years Halloween but I used them for only half the night. The best part of both the costumes were the eyes. Both of us wear glasses so my mom took two hard foam balls and cut them in half and put a whole in the middle of them so we could see. She taped them to our glasses and it was a very good touch, it was also very funny!

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