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1000+ Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for something eye-catching this Halloween? This section of sexy Halloween costume ideas will give you great inspiration for a fun and memorable idea!

This is one time during the year when it is acceptable to bare all in the name of a fantastic costume. We have single and group costumes. As well as simple and elaborate. Either way, you will recognize exactly what these costumes are, even with their lack of fabric!

We have traditionally sexy Halloween costumes, such as Jessica Rabbit, a Chiquita Banana Girl, and Julia Roberts’ character from Pretty Woman (before she was a reformed prostitute). Even more so, people have, very creatively, taken non-traditionally sexy ideas and made them very appealing. For instance, you will find sexy angry bird costumes and a deer in headlights (trust us, you will want to see this).

What will you be this year? Share it with us here!

Latest Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

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Featured Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Censored Streaker Costume

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas - Censored Streaker

This sexy Halloween costume idea was one a friend and I thought of back in high school. We always knew it would be a hit but neither of us had the guts to totally pull it off. I was invited to a Halloween party last minute and I wanted a costume that I knew would stand above the rest. Read more »

Last-Minute Pretty Woman Costume

Last-Minute Pretty Woman Costume

Honestly, I ran out of time to make a costume this year – just didn’t get around to it. Ack! What to do?! I can’t buy a premade costume – the horror! So, I needed something fast and easy. That’s when it came to me. What’s “faster” and “easier” than a hooker? I asked my husband if he’d mind just wearing one of his business suits for Halloween. He’ll do pretty much whatever I ask of him for Halloween, so of course he didn’t mind! Read more »

One of the Coolest Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas – Energizer Bunny

Most Creative Energizer Bunny Costume

After everything was completed with this costume, I was very happy with the turn out  it was worth the 48 hours of no sleep to make. I went to a couple of bars Halloween night and everyone loved my costume. I had a cop on duty tell me it was the best costume he had seen all night. Read more »

Sexy Chiquita Banana Girl Costume (Carmen Miranda)

Sexy Chiquita Banana Girl (Carmen Miranda)

I’ve wanted to create a Chiquita Banana Girl costume for a few years now, so I was so happy to see my ideas come to life. I was inspired by a Carmen Miranda costume that I saw online. It was a yellow bra top with heaps of fake fruit attached, I thought the idea was cute, but I wanted to put my own spin on it. Read more »

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for a Group – Sexy Skittles


We got the idea to be Skittles for Halloween after someone found a picture on the internet of a girl dressed as a green Skittle. We decided we wanted to be different color Skittles, but make our dresses out of DUCT TAPE. Read more »

Sexy Dumpster Fire Costume Inspired by Meme

2020 Sexy Dumpster Fire Costume

The year 2020 had been such a hot mess, a meme of a dumpster fire with the year 2020 on it had been circulating the internet. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I go all out creating my costumes, but they are with a twist. I seek out the most unconventional ideas and then make them “stupid-sexy.” An idea I got in college when I saw girls just wearing a bra and underwear with bunny ears. Read more »

Cutest Ever Homemade Princess Jasmine Costume

Cute DIY Princess Jasmine Costume

As a huge Disney fan, I of course had to anniversary my DIY Ariel costume from last year. So, I decided to do a Princess jasmine costume from the Disney movie Aladdin. This costume was definitely a lot tricker to create than the mermaid costume. Here is what I did… Read more »

Knockout Woman’s Boxer Costume

Knockout Woman's Boxer Costume

This was a KNOCKOUT fighter/MMA/boxer costume, literally! I went to visit my friends for Halloween last minute and had no idea what I was going to dress up as. I didn’t want to do the cliche cat costume or nurse that every always sees at college parties so instead I decided to think out of the box. Read more »

Sexy Deer In Headlights Couple Costume

Deer In Headlights Couple Costume

We purchased a Chewbacca costume for the deer. I bought the chest fur from a fabric store to cover the front side of the deer and I also used it for a tail which I sewed on my hubby’s backside. My husband acquired the deer antlers from his dad’s collection and mounted them to a brown ball cap with zip ties and then wore it under the hood of the deer suit. Read more »